Hair Care Products

LNY is proud to offer our very own hair care and wig maintenance products for sale here in our wig studio  We are also exclusive providers of Morrocanoil products. We welcome you to take full advantage of our facility and try our line of professional hair care products. We'll help you improve the way you look and feel. Please feel free to browse our website and book an appointment> Our products include:

Xqizit Renewal Shampoo : A uniquely weightless combination of soy and botanical extracts that cleans and strengthens while adding body and shine. Botanical extracts provide a deep cleansing giving hair new life, without stripping the hairs cuticle layer. Soy complex strengthens the cuticle bond and prevents damage. Our gentle cleansing formula is paraben free and color safe for all hair types. Provides a delicate cleanse of your hair, wigs, weaves,extensions and intergration pieces.

Xqizit Exhilarating Conditioner: A revitalizing conditioner containing soy proteins and aloe extracts to balance and hydrate without the weight. Special blend of wheat and soy proteins repair damage and provide strength. Naturally smoothing aloe extracts infuse moisture and shine without the weight. Fruit extracts contain antioxidants that provide natural protection against the elements. Provides essential nourishment needed to keep your hair, wigs, weaves and extensions looking fresh.

Replenish Mending Prep Shampoo: A nutrient rich cleansing formula. Prepares overly stressed hair for the full Replenish intensive mending and conditioning experience. Delicately removes harmful impurities that can contribute to stress, dryness and breakage. Restores and balances hair to its natural pH level, initiating the healing process.

Replenish Intensive Mending Conditioner: A deep penetrating formula that reverses damage due to hair color, relaxers, bleach, keratin treatments and the elements. Replenish is packed with a special blend of silk proteins and amino acids to instantly provide the optimum amount of strength and sustenance needed to stop breakage. A new revolution in the battle against dry, damaged, and distressed hair. Relief for all hair types.