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LNY has a non-surgical hair replacement system that you wear 24 hours a day, seven days a week. No matter your hair type, we can perfectly match its color, texture and style. These men hairpieces are affordable, comfortable, and with no visible edge, which equates to no worries! Your own ordinary hair can be revamped into spectacular luxurious head of hair you have always dreamed of. At LNY we can assist with all your custom toupee needs. It is important to select the style of hair piece foundation that works best for you, in order to have the most comfortable fit and feel. Choosing the appropriate hair type, texture, and even the amount of gray blends needed to achieve the most natural looking results, is our specialty. LNY carries a full line of tapes, glues, and cleansers. In addition we also offer in house repair, ventilation, and toupee renewal services to help you get the most wear from your current investment.

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Custom Fitted Toupees and Hairpieces for Men

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A custom toupee wig does not require any surgical procedures and is easily attached using either special hairpiece tape or bonding adhesives. With a customized toupee from LNY, everything is done for you in advance at our fully-equipped hair and wig studio. Your custom toupee will be hand sewn, manufactured and styled perfectly, and we guarantee this every time!.

Our men’s hairpieces and men's partials are natural and discreet. Or you have the option of choosing our non-surgical hair replacement systems that will give you total confidence that comes with great looking hair. We offer several design options for total comfort and a natural look. Allow us to provide you with the highest quality Men's Hairpieces . Be in control of your own men's hairpiece decisons and you won't regret it. Call LNY today for a free consultation.