Quality Custom Wigs

Whether you select a piece from our generous stock or have one custom made, we have an availability of styles ranging from classic to modern wigs that are suitable for women, men and children of all ages and backgrounds. LNY wigs are an excellent solution to common hair loss due to genetics, Chemotherapy, Alopecia, or any other medical condition. Our wigs can be custom tailored on site to fit your head measurements or custom designed using the color, length, density, and texture you desire. All of our wigs are made using only the finest quality human hair, lace, monofilament, or synthetic materials of you’re choosing.

A complete line of wig tapes, wig glues, wig cleaning, hair bonding accessories and at home maintenance supplies are always in stock. The stock wigs and custom wig selections are as ethnically diverse as our society. We have wigs for white women (wigs for Caucasian women) wigs for black women (wigs for African American women), Hispanic women, Asian women, and just too many other groups to mention. Wig repair, wig / hair piece ventilation, wig coloring, wig cleaning (wig glue removal) and wig maintenance is all done on site by a certified master wigmaker. LNY carries a number of specialty wigs for cancer patients currently undergoing chemo treatments and or anyone else experiencing allergic or sensitivity wig related issues. LNY Hair Salon and Wig boutique is totally dedicated to delivering exactly what each and every client deserves, and that's beautiful hair.


Custom Wigs.

Lawrence has spent years mastering the technique of cutting and styling wigs, which is a technique that is very different from cutting natural hair. Once we have customized your wig or hair piece, we will provide you the tools to manage and maintain your wig so you feel confident in self managing your custom wig.

A consultation is necessary for all custom units for the purpose of getiing accurate measurements & style preference. Consultations take place in our studio and are approximately 15-20 minutes, depending on the scope of your needs. We will review with you the many hair loss options we have to offer you, and together we will determine the next steps needed to provide you with the best options available, while keeping within the framework of your budget.