How to Maintain a Human Hair Wig

A wig is a great way to boost your self-esteem and alter your look. With more choices of wigs than ever before, wearing wigs daily is becoming more and more common. Taking care of your human hair wig begins the moment you leave the store so that it remains as flawless as the day you bought it. Those who opt for a human hair wig do so with the expectation of using it for many years to come. Fortunately, with proper care, human hair wigs can last up to three years when worn occasionally and more than a year when worn daily. Here are our top five suggestions for how to maintain your human hair wig in an effortless, comfortable, and stylish manner.

  • Wash delicately

Washing your wig is crucial to keeping it refreshed, which is vital if you want your wig to last. How often you should wash your wig depends on a few factors. Think about how frequently you wear your wig, environment, your activity level, and hair styling products you use. As a general rule, you should wash your wig every eight to ten wears. Because you cannot care for a wig like natural hair, you must modify the washing procedure to fit the kind, design, and construction of your wig. (wigs@Blog, 2022) From the roots to the ends of your hair, evenly distribute a tiny bit of shampoo in your fingers through your hair. Use a wide-tooth comb or your fingers to gently eliminate tangles. Rinse until the water is clear with cool water. Finally, condition the hair in a downward manner, avoiding the base and root from the mid-shaft to the ends. Rinse the wig in lukewarm water, then set it on a wig stand to dry completely.

  • Wear a wig cap liner

Even if you don’t have natural hair, using a wig cap liner underneath your wig each time you wear it is crucial for a long-lasting human hair wig. Your wig will stay in place pleasantly and securely throughout the day with the aid of a wig cap liner. Establishing a barrier that shields your wig from the oils on your scalp also aids in maintaining its cleanliness. For your wig to last longer, it is crucial to keep it clean.

  • Style your wig properly

Using the proper wig care products is crucial to maintaining your wig in top condition. Unfortunately, regular hair products fall short when used with wigs. These products contain elements that can even permanently harm wig fibers and do little to rehydrate and protect them. They may become unwearable as a result after only a few uses. Invest in high-quality wig-specific products and use them sparingly if you want your wig to stay longer and look fantastic. Too much product might result in greasiness and product build-up that shortens its lifespan.

  • Use heat with caution!

Always use low temperatures when using styling tools for wigs, such as hair straighteners and curlers. When utilizing these items, apply a heat protection spray and steer clear of your fabulous human hair wig’s roots! In the short term, heat may give your wig and its style more control, but over time, it can cause damage to the hair, making it brittle, dull, and unable to repair itself as natural hair does.

  • Store your wig safely

To avoid unnecessary damage, always store your wig securely at the end of each day. Consider using a wig stand or mannequin head for convenient and secure storage of your wigs. These storage solutions help to prevent your wigs from getting tangled and keep you looking your best!

If you follow these recommendations, taking care of your wig doesn’t have to be complicated. Your human hair wig will look great every day! At LNY Wig Boutique & Salon, we take great pride in providing thousands of clients with individualized hair styling and wig treatments in a cozy, private, and serene setting. Want a wig of the highest caliber that will last the test of time? Visit us and experience our most famous selection of human hair wigs byscheduling a consultation today!

How to Maintain a Human Hair Wig