Say Yes To The Wig! Your ultimate guide to wearing a wig on your wedding day.

The big day for your wedding is approaching, and you have spent the last several months making sure that every detail is exactly right, from the location to the dress to the guest list. But your hair isn’t exactly picture-perfect. Maybe your dream hairstyle is Rapunzel length, but your natural hair is way too short, […]

The Disney villain you didn’t know existed

Being a child is one of the most carefree times in our lives. To have the ability to explore the world without worry and express ourselves freely is a moment we sure do miss as we get older. Little do we realize that society trains us at a very young age a plethora of visionary […]

How to Maintain a Human Hair Wig

How to Maintain a Human Hair Wig

A wig is a great way to boost your self-esteem and alter your look. With more choices of wigs than ever before, wearing wigs daily is becoming more and more common. Taking care of your human hair wig begins the moment you leave the store so that it remains as flawless as the day you […]

Wigs In History

From the center stage in theatres, they are framing the faces of talented and telling stories of the past, present, and future. To provide comfort and confidence to people across the world. Wigs have served many purposes over time and have implemented themselves in many different avenues of life.  The wearing of wigs dates back […]