How to Maintain a Synthetic Wig

Among the most popular wigs for beginners and experts alike are synthetic wigs and heat-resistant synthetic wigs. Compared to human hair wigs, synthetic wigs look realistic and don’t require as much maintenance. However, caring for synthetic wigs requires knowledge; otherwise, some problems may arise. The following tips can help you maintain the shine, bounce, and overall “pop” of your synthetic wig.

  1. Wash with care

By looking at your wig’s construction, type, and style, you can always know how to wash it. Since synthetic fibers are so different from real human hair, they must be cleaned carefully. Visit our blog to read our article on how to care for a human hair wig! It is essential to wash your synthetic wig after regular use or after you have worn it more than 8 to 10 times. Before shampooing the wig, detangle the fibers with your fingers or a wide-toothed comb. (Styling For Curly & Kinky Textures 2021) Secondly, add a cup of shampoo made for synthetic hair to a sink or basin filled with cool water. For best results, fully soak the wig in the mixture and leave it on for 10 to 15 minutes to loosen any knots or untamed frizz. After rinsing the wig thoroughly until the water runs clear, condition the hair. After conditioning, wigs should be rinsed and dried well before styling and wearing.

  1. Wear a wig cap liner

By protecting the synthetic fibers from the natural oils in your biological hair and helping to keep it clean, wearing a wig cap liner will always prolong the life of your wig. If you regularly wear wig cap liners on your wigs, you will find that the cleaning process is greatly sped up and simplified. Less washing is required, which means less stress on the hair, and your wig looks better!

  1. Style safely 

As mentioned earlier, synthetic wigs are very different from real-hair wigs and cannot be cared for in the same way. Make sure to style your synthetic wigs with wig-specific products to avoid overloading the hair and making it look lifeless and dull. Damage to the wig may occur when non-wig products are repeatedly used on the hair. Also, some synthetic wigs cannot be styled with the same tools as real-hair wigs and may be damaged when using paddle brushes or heated styling tools such as curling irons or flat irons. Before using any heat tools, ensure your wig is made of “heat-resistant” synthetic material, or you will be in for a surprise! If the synthetic fibers burn, the hair in the wig cannot be repaired. Always be mindful of how much styling you are doing to your wig—too much can also damage you.

  1. Store your wig safely

For a synthetic wig to last as long as possible, it must be stored properly when not in use. Synthetic hair wigs require more consideration and care, perhaps even more than real hair wigs. To protect the fibers and keep your wig looking great, keep a mannequin head or wig stand close at hand when you’re not wearing it. 

If you follow these tips, your synthetic wig will be easy to care for! With a comfortable, serene, and private atmosphere, LNY Wig Boutique & Salon provides custom hair styling and wig care. If you want synthetic wigs, you’re in the right place! Make an appointment and view our famous collection of synthetic wigs.

How to maintain a synthetic wig